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Welcome to Valley Heavy Equipment

We are the leading source of new and recycled commercial truck parts in South Texas. At Valley Heavy Equipment, we have the parts you are looking for. Our quality parts give you piece of mind at an affordable price.

We have thousands of parts ready to be installed, from large components such as engines, transmissions, rears, axles, radiators, to small ones like alternators, turbocharges, starters, air compressors, EGR and DEF components, tubes, harnesses, fuel tanks, air tanks, tires, wheels, and all kinds of sensors; parts that make the difference between your truck sitting or being back on the road!

We receive trucks daily to be disassembled, we also re-stock our new parts inventory weekly to make sure we always have what you are looking for. For those hard to find items, we also do special orders. Trust us to find your parts at a better price than our competitors.


Our dedicated purchasing team buys trucks in all lower 48 states, we buy trucks from insurance companies, government entities, and order operators. We have our own fleet of heavy duty wreckers that go out and retrieve trucks every week. We strive to have fresh inventory weekly.

We make sure that our parts inventory never runs out. We know how important it is to have parts available when you need them!


You can be sure that what you buy from us, new or pre-owned, will be something you install, goes t work. We no only bring freshinventory weekly, we also go the extra mile to bring good late model vehicles with a history of being road-running trucks.

We also make great efforts to test the parts and make sure that what you are buying is in proper working order.

Fair Prices

We constantly check the market to make sure our prices are well below our competitors. We do not advertise selling cheap parts, but we do make
a great effort to have better prices. Way better! You can be sure you will get a fair price from us every time.

Customer Service

Our customers are always treated the way we would like to be treated. We value our customers and believe in long term relationships. We understand perfectly what it takes to give good customer service. We see our customers as partners, and when they need something, we make it our priority to get their parts in a timely manner and at a fair price.

We really appreciate our customers and make them feel that way!

We Carry Parts For

Detroit Diesel
Western Star